How to find the Best Life coach in your area?

How to choose a Life Coach?

Find the Best Life Coach in your area

So imagine a time when you needed some advice, a listening ear but someone who could help you towards a fruitful outcome.  A Life Coach is someone who could help you.  

A Life Coach is quite different from a Psychologist, I have written an article that could help you see the difference, Please Click Here.

Now there are various types of Life Coach and the quality of coaching could also change. So before choosing a good life coach, one needs to keep a few points in mind.

Here I have researched 5 Pointers that can help you choose an Excellent Life Coach:

1) Life coach is not the same as buying a product.

Life coaching is a service that helps people achieve their goals and improve their lives.

This is really important to understand before setting expectations. 

A good Life coach will focus on connecting with you. 

He will focus on relating to your situation. A qualified and experienced Life Coach should be effective.

2) Choose your Goals.

A person can help the Life Coach by understanding his goals properly. 

This will help you achieve your goals and make the process of Coaching more effective.

3) The coach should relate with you.

Does the Life coach understand your goals? 

Does he or she share your values? Does he have good listening skills? 

Does the coach ask helpful questions?

These are some of the questions that would be helpful to keep in mind. 

Thinking critically whilst being receptive can be difficult, but it is important.

4) Local vs Global Life coach

This is a personal choice. A local coach would be more acquainted with your culture and may have also helped people in your area. 

This would help you get a good feedback. On the other hand, a global Life Coach should also have its own benefits. But this is for another post.

5) What's your budget.

It is important to keep a budget. It is important to see this process more of an investment rather than an expense.

So here are some tips that should be kept in mind while choosing a good Life Coach. 

In the next article, I will talk about certifications and the importance of choosing a Qualified Life Coach.


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