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Christopher Dias - Educator & Learning Coach

As an Educator and Learning coach, I have trained and helped many students to succeed and help them love learning the subjects they once hated.

Over the years, I have offered courses, conducted seminars, and workshops in Management, Personality Development, and Public Speaking. I also offer personalized coaching in Improving Learning skills. 

Currently, I  offer courses on Personality Development and also Personal Coaching for students to improve their school and college grades.

Educational Services

1:1 Educational Services

Our Services:

- Personal Coaching ☝🏼

1:1 Coaching focused on Topics related to Life, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

- Tutoring 🌛

1:1 Tutoring for school and Undergraduate Management Students

- Marketing related services 🛴

Digital Marketing, Article writing and related services to help your business grow


1. Experienced Faculty
2. Easy to Learn Study Material
3. Worksheets to help you Practice
4. Crafted according to your Needs

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