Still in 2022? Chris is taking these 3 Powerful insights to 2023 to awesome... and also why I am continuing on Blogger!


This year is your year: Go get what you dream of

Back to the Future

Phew! Coming back to blogging is fantastic. Through most of 2022, I avoided blogging and social media. However, I have continually been picking up marketing strategies and better blogging tactics along the road. 

When you have to avoid something while also working on it, the tension gets pretty high. Since its inception, this website's blog ( has served as my online journal, where I post my musings and sporadic observations on self-help and personal development.

I never considered it (this blog) a side business or anything of the type. I must admit, though, that I ran an attempt to monetize this platform. Anything worth its salt, in my opinion, should be self-sustaining. 

WordPress or Blogger?

I believe that for the time being Blogger appears to be a viable platform to host this site. Other systems like WordPress and Ghost CMS are on my radar. I even conducted a poll for the same on Twitter.

Since it's a new year, I had some thoughts that I felt you might find helpful. We have an innate propensity to approach new endeavours with a tinge of optimism. It's as if natural selection is telling you that this is the way to go. 

We must look at the things we were unable to pursue in the previous year more as guides than as targets, and refrain from whining about them.

Throwing the baby with the bathwater

Me quoting myself... Lol!

I do think we need to be well-managed and disciplined, but when you have given your all, the best course of action is to reflect on why we have set these objectives in the first place and why should we continue to work towards them rather than just focusing on what is not working.

I'd also like to mention another pertinent thought. When we don't meet short-term goals, we often can doubt our long-term Vision. When things go wrong, it is not necessary to reject the big picture. Over the years, I stopped overindulging in excellent ideas. Good ideas, in my opinion, have a lot of potentials that can be explored when we put them to use as opposed to just playing them for amusement.

I'd like to quickly highlight some of the key topics I discussed in this post:

  1. Follow your dreams.
  2. You can try new things.
  3. Don't let your dreams die.

To wrap this post

This blog will serve as a forum for me to express my ideas and learn from my experiences as I investigate personal marketing and self-development. I believe taking the initial step toward realizing our objectives and placing little wagers is crucial. 

When you stop reading, learning doesn't end; it only ends when you stop applying what you've learned. You could follow me on my social media accounts if you wish to be encouraged by good ideas. 

I like to believe that although we all hold diverse feelings and beliefs, we all share the human desire to become better people. See you in a future post.


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