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Hi, My name is Chris

Managing a management class...meh!

… aka Christonanda. I am a Corporate Trainer and a Management Educator from Mumbai. I love Marketing, Movies and Marvelous Ideas. 

I help people learn and effectively market themselves by focusing on Personal growth and Management.

I conduct Personality Development courses, Management courses, 1:1 coaching, and I am also a private Tutor for School and college students, Learn more.

I also have a passion for Theatre and philosophy.

Reason for a blog:

Sharing Ideas and Life on Personal Effectiveness

I started this blog to share ideas and research on topics related to Self Development and Personal growth

The purpose is to provide factual and effective information to help people.

Blogging and Content creation is a great way to express yourself and share ideas. For me, Self-growth has been something that I take as an Intentional activity.

I believe it cannot be outsourced to others. With the growth of Social media, it has become easier to create content and community.

I am trying to build an Online community around Self growth and Business. The work each of one of us does in our daily lives builds us and our community.

Topics & Articles

Blogs and resources for Self Growth

Here are some of the popular posts on my blog

Connect with Chris

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I would love your suggestions and feedback. I would love to know if there is any topic you want to write or research on.

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