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The Art of turning a good day with a bad start to a fresher and better one: 3 Strategies to bringing the change

February 24, 2022


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How to deal with a bad day? Every day cannot be Valentine's day. Some days can be bad. How does one deal with a bad one?

Maybe you are okay with it, but can other people bear your tantrums. Everyone is not your mom and maybe they tolerate your nakhra and some don't. Why not take a hold of it and change it?

Let me share some strategies that have helped me.

1. Your day is not over

Each day and the events within the day don't need to be like a series of dominoes. 

A bad start doesn't mean a bad ending. It is in your mind. 

You can stop, take a deep breath and remember a positive moment or a better day. 

Now start afresh. You have decided to start from a better moment. Now you can end your day well.

2. It is your time and your day

We are all like islands in our own heads but we are in reality connected with each other. 

It is normal to slide on a few things and lose control. Maybe you need to take the toll of your current situation and reclaim the control you have lost. 

How do you want to experience your current reality? Choose a better thought over a defeatist one. 

You have nothing gained by allowing your day to go bad.

3. Take a short break

Maybe you have had a tiresome week and you need a small break. 

I am not suggesting leaving your duty and commitments. You need to spare 5 minutes of your day. 

You can meditate, pray, or maybe listen to some calming or positive music.


If you have had a bad day and you are reading this article. This is time to stop reading this article and start practicing what I have suggested. 

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