Understanding the 'Why' behind Gratefulness

Gratitude is the attitude of being Thankful...

In my college days, I invariably used to be quite religious. This would precisely mean going to church regularly and to the confessional very often. There is one possible thing from all this that I undoubtedly learned... the essential virtue, namely Gratitude. I have frequently tried merely employing this personal virtue more like a tactic to improve my life and improve my Spiritual Quotient.

As an Educator, it is tremendous to see so many former students in diverse sectors and positions doing well. I feel indebted for opportunities like this. I feel really grateful. This leads me to think about Gratefulness and How to achieve a more grateful attitude? Simply put by the dictionary, Gratefulness means being thankful. So Let's carefully look at some possible reasons to be thankful. I reasonably think it is significant to properly understand 'Why' before getting to the question 'How'.

My 3 Top reason to be Grateful:

It Feels good:

From my viewpoint, I have been consciously tried practicing Gratefulness. In my personal space, I would often think at length of all the pleasant moments and not so good instances, it has helped me grow abundantly as an Individual and also helped me practice Gratitude. It encouraged me to be more positive and vibrant.

It tracks your blessings:

I can't speak for others, but from my practical experience, People are not Positive at all possible times. There are possible times one gets into the negative zone. Practicing a bit of Gratefulness can be extremely nice. It shifts focus and encourages us to see the best in our circumstances or Life situations.

It builds your Spiritual Quotient:

Merely choosing to be Grateful can open up an alternative view towards life. It’s not easy, I must say earnestly. There are situations and circumstances where it may seem extremely unreasonable. But by solely adopting an alternative approach and choosing to be grateful can open another dimension in one’s life. It can encourage us to gain a considerably deeper meaning to life.

Hence, my top three practical reasons to be grateful. Let's say this whatever may be your worldview, whether you believe in a God or some higher power, we must accept this fact that we are here and conscious. This is enough a reason to appreciate Life and be thankful. Cheers!

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