Still in 2022? Chris is taking these 3 Powerful insights to 2023 to awesome... and also why I am continuing on Blogger!

January 02, 2023


This year is your year: Go get what you dream of

Back to the Future

Phew! Coming back to blogging is fantastic. Through most of 2022, I avoided blogging and social media. However, I have continually been picking up marketing strategies and better blogging tactics along the road. 

When you have to avoid something while also working on it, the tension gets pretty high. Since its inception, this website's blog (Chriseducator.com) has served as my online journal, where I post my musings and sporadic observations on self-help and personal development.

I never considered it (this blog) a side business or anything of the type. I must admit, though, that I ran an attempt to monetize this platform. Anything worth its salt, in my opinion, should be self-sustaining. 

WordPress or Blogger?

I believe that for the time being Blogger appears to be a viable platform to host this site. Other systems like WordPress and Ghost CMS are on my radar. I even conducted a poll for the same on Twitter.

Since it's a new year, I had some thoughts that I felt you might find helpful. We have an innate propensity to approach new endeavours with a tinge of optimism. It's as if natural selection is telling you that this is the way to go. 

We must look at the things we were unable to pursue in the previous year more as guides than as targets, and refrain from whining about them.

Throwing the baby with the bathwater

Me quoting myself... Lol!

I do think we need to be well-managed and disciplined, but when you have given your all, the best course of action is to reflect on why we have set these objectives in the first place and why should we continue to work towards them rather than just focusing on what is not working.

I'd also like to mention another pertinent thought. When we don't meet short-term goals, we often can doubt our long-term Vision. When things go wrong, it is not necessary to reject the big picture. Over the years, I stopped overindulging in excellent ideas. Good ideas, in my opinion, have a lot of potentials that can be explored when we put them to use as opposed to just playing them for amusement.

I'd like to quickly highlight some of the key topics I discussed in this post:

  1. Follow your dreams.
  2. You can try new things.
  3. Don't let your dreams die.

To wrap this post

This blog will serve as a forum for me to express my ideas and learn from my experiences as I investigate personal marketing and self-development. I believe taking the initial step toward realizing our objectives and placing little wagers is crucial. 

When you stop reading, learning doesn't end; it only ends when you stop applying what you've learned. You could follow me on my social media accounts if you wish to be encouraged by good ideas. 

I like to believe that although we all hold diverse feelings and beliefs, we all share the human desire to become better people. See you in a future post.


Just a quick word and two ideas to get you thinking...2 Important reasons to empower yourself

August 19, 2022

Just a quick word and a few interesting ideas

A Quick word...

Yes, This is my New post. Are we complicating things, living only in our thoughts, or only acting without giving time to think?

People hate Self Help, I love it. It has helped me a lot. I don't believe in any idea blindly. I reflect on it and try it.

If you liked my blogs, try them and share them. Let's get the conversation started.

I have stopped sticking to SEO 101, Let's see how that works. See you in the next post!

Before I leave you here with my reasons for self-empowerment. I would like to know yours.

2 Reasons to empower yourself

Number #1 Your Time is precious

You don't get your time back. It is precious and you must start valuing it.

Your experience matters and it only comes with time. Information cannot compensate for a lack of experience.

You need to act and give the required time to master things to excel and achieve things.

Therefore I believe time is an important commodity.

Number # 2 You are you

I didn't want to say unique. You may hear it many times and it sounds cheesy. 

Think about it, It is a fact. You might be like a lot of dudes. You are you and that is important.

'You' is never perfect, but 'You' can always be excellent and improve.


I am sharing my learnings from getting back to the 9to5 grind; How you can help me get better...Feedback

June 21, 2022

Personal Blog to Platform for Self Growth

 Getting Discouraged and Assumptions

You may have noticed things that happen to people when they get busy. 

They no longer have time for you and with the lack of information, people start assuming and making up stuff.

I have not been seeing you guys for some time. You may have noticed a lot of change, but I will retort by saying I am going through change.

My schedule has gone in another direction. I have consciously kept time to build a routine to get me more productive.

9 to 5 and How it has structured things

I believe in the idea that good choices can help people change

I have always wanted to help people achieve their purpose by focusing on their goals and developing themselves.

'Chris educator dot com' started out as a Personal Blog with good ideas. I blogged around Self development and Personal Marketing.

I believe in the idea that good choices can help people change. Routines and systems help in this effort to kick start the process of achieving our goals.

I am committed to building this platform I started out.

What have I been up to?

….working on a few digital products

I have been surveying the competition around me and in a way validates my idea for this blog.

I am streamlining a lot of things and bringing this blog in shape to give it the reach it can have.

This has meant a lot of time spent reading and learning things. Experimenting offline and tweaking things to enrich this platform.

I have been experimenting with a few platforms and thank you guys for the awesome feedback.

I have been working on a few digital products and relaunching this site on WordPress.

Let's see how it goes, hoping for the best.

My current Self Help interest

Currently, I have been interested in developing systems to enrich my personal development.

I have been putting a few things I have learned down the years into motion.

It has helped me not speak the talk only but to walk it as well.

Action is where feedback ultimately happens and brings insight into what we have always planned.

The Road ahead 

Visions and dreams are strong guides

I believe our Visions and dreams are strong guides that help us chart an unexplored area.

We can have assurance about the right hard work and intent we put into our work.

The rest is left to time to tell. Losing is a part of winning and not an antithesis of it.

Feedback: I need you to answer a few questions

I want to know what this platform means to you. Has it helped you in some way?

Please share with me ideas to enrich this platform.

Please share this information at officialchriseducator@gmail.com or drop a message on the contact page.

Wrapping it up

Staying through to our purpose depends on us. Commitment is more than a matter of the heart it is also about our actions.

Sometimes change comes when we invest our time in learning and receiving feedback. Chasing novelty has its own charm, but may bear fruits we may not seek.

Thank you for being awesome as always. Catch you in the next post.

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How to write a Vision Statement that gives you a hard knock? Some ideas bordering on a rant

May 23, 2022

Writing a Vision is putting your dreams to paper

Casting a vision can sometimes be like casting a spell, If you do not know where and how you just have some vague outcome you are chasing.

I think visions are so important in terms of a project or a dream. We need to make our dream a reality, but how about starting with verbalizing it.

Putting things in writing can be like a miracle. It shakes off all the vague parts.

I think the best part of writing a vision is that covers so many things. It captures a lot in a few words, it is simply amazing.

How to begin? 

Starting a journey; Crafting a vision

I think just focusing on writing one statement can be painful. We look at all the inspirational vision statements pasted all over the internet and go "Damn, I wish I could write like this".

I have been there and I can relate with that. So I decided to focus more on what I wanted to do. I asked myself did I have clarity and so I thought giving it more thought would not be useful. I decided to keep a note or a journal of the impressions I had.

Just Begin...Imperfect is perfect

Having a poorly written statement is a beginning

I wrote a Personal Vision statement and it seemed overly ambitious to me. Sometimes I would think it is overly exaggerated and sometimes I felt it captured how I felt.

Instead of getting sucked into the dilemma of things I decided to just write one down and use it.

I wrote one down, It was just me using words and not trying to keep it impressive or wordy.

I wanted it to relate to my dreams. That was all I wanted.

Testing your vision

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Now Just don't write it, you need to test it as well. Create small targets that you could use.

Keep these targets time bound. Review your performance regularly.

Action tells you a lot about what is happening, just relying on feelings is not enough. We need concrete feedback to understand if we are going in the right direction.

Re-write and move on

Rewrite and move ahead

You want to re-write your vision statement for whatever reason. I think you must do it after a lot of forethought and reviewing all that you have learnt from the process.

You have a lot of matter to work with. Don't take it as starting a new journey but approach it like a sequel to something awesome.


I do believe in the power of a good vision, but having said that I do think that verbalising it is also quite powerful.

A lot of times lack of clarity can stifle us from making healthy decisions, but action pushes you ahead.

I hope this article got you thinking on crafting a better vision statement.

That's it for now, catch you in the next post, Ciao!


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