5 Misconceptions about Balance in Life

Striking the Right Balance...

Around 5yrs ago I moved to the city I currently reside and work, Pune. It's an education hub and as an educator, it was a place I had to go to. This city thought me a lot. Being a Mumbaikar, we tend to not balance our Personal and Professional spaces. This city helped me gain that balance.

There are certain Misconceptions that people have regarding gain that balance. I have listed some of them. It relates to my experience on gain trying to strike that balance.

5 Misconceptions regarding Personal vs Professional Life:

1. Balance can be easily achieved.

Firstly, Each individual defines balance differently. So defining it properly is the first step, but not necessarily the last. Then, It may take planning and trials before succeeding. So defining 'Balance' is the first step before moving ahead.

2. Stress is always the reason for losing balance.

Stress is quite a killer, but it is not always the reason for disruption in balancing personal and professional life. Sometimes it may be an issue of evaluating priorities. Life is always changing and so updating ourselves and our priorities is a necessary part of it.

Come back to the basics, look at how you defined 'Balance' and what goals you set. Let them guide you to set new priorities. They are like a compass they will guide you and help you set your new priorities appropriately.

3. It's not all about your own happiness

So prioritizing other important areas of our lives is also important. This could be time for exercising, spending time with your partner or family. It could also mean taking time out to work on a hobby or a part-time career.

Here is a beautiful quote to summarise this point:

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." - Dolly Parton

4. Boundaries create limitations

It is wrong to think of boundaries as creating limitations. Some limitations can be good and helpful. So understanding our personal limitations and boundaries can be useful too. Once I had tried night shifts on a new job and did n't work for me. It started affecting my health. So after consulting the doctor, I had to change my shift. This helped me understand myself and the need for setting boundaries.

5. Getting mentored won't help

Many of the struggles in life doesn't need to be alone. Getting a good mentor at work or a professional will really help. Friends and family can also help by their support and their ideas.

I believe some of these misconceptions can be a true deterrent. We all spend a good amount of time at work and of course at life too, so finding the right balance can really be a blessing. But with wrong ideas, it surely can't be achieved. Please share your ideas in the comment section below.



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