Who is a Life Coach ? A Short Guide on understand Life Coaching

Who is a Life Coach
Life Coach... A Mentor and guide

Helping people and hearing their problems have always been something I enjoyed. 

But I never wanted to become a psychologist. So what are the options I always wondered? I came across the concept of a Life Coach.

So I wondered how different could a Life Coach be from a Psychologist. I have been to a Psychologist and even had some psychologist friends. I always wondered if there were any difference between two, a Psychologist and a Life Coach. 

They both look the same. So are they different? Let's see. So today we shall look at the similarities and differences between a Life Coach and a Psychologist.

According to Tony Robbins, the difference between Life Coaching and Psychologist lies in their goals. He says Life Coaching is about helping people with their goals, whereas therapy is about the diagnosis of 'illnesses and pathologies.

So if you are working on Personal Projects, work-related issues and/or major life changes a Life Coach could be someone who could help. 

Generally, a Life Coach is certified by an Institute or International Body, unlike a Psychologist who is licensed and possesses a degree in Psychology. One can be a Psychologist and a Life Coach too.

So though a Life Coach and a Psychologist may have some similarities. Their essential differences define them. A Life coach is more suitable to help guide and motivate people to succeed.  

A good Life coach besides being certified should have relevant experience in coaching.

To become a Life coach one does not need to leave their existing jobs. It can be done part-time. According to Payscale.com, Life coaches can make around $ 27000 to $ 40000 a year. There are a lot of Institutes that offer certifications and training to be a good Life Coach. 

I believe passion and right training can make a huge difference in becoming a successful Life Coach.

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