Wishing you an awesome 2020! 3 Vital Life Lessons from 2019 to make this year superb

Goodbye 2019

2020 reminds me that it has been 20 yrs since people thought the Y2k bug would end things (Lol). It has been such a long journey since then. Before I start sharing some information and insights, Let me begin by thanking all my readers and supporters for taking the time to be on my website and read the posts and articles I share.

I always started New Year with reading the astrology section to check how my year was going to be ( although, I don't believe in Astrology ) and with keeping a list of things to do for the coming year.

But this year, I thought of doing it differently, I did not read the Astrology section (anywhere) and I did not keep a to-do list or as some may say resolutions. I just started the year being thankful and grateful.

Being Grateful

Power of Gratefulness: Practice Gratefulness in 2019

I prayed and thanked God for all joys and pains that taught a lot of life lessons.

I was joyful and grateful for the time I spent with loved ones who did not make it to this year.

I was thankful for just having the joy to experience life and the joy of just being able to experience things.

.... And a lot more

I am sure that keeping a resolution will work great for a lot of people, and it may not work for many, but just looking back, being thankful feels fulfilling and blessed.

I am sure there have been a lot of great ideas and lessons each one of us carries forward to the next year.

Here are some of the lessons I take to 2020:

# Life Lesson No. 1:  Every Moment is an Opportunity

Every Moment has the potential to change the future

I think this in my experience is something that each of us know very clearly and take it for granted. 

The idea that every moment in the present is an opportunity. 

Seizing the moment, learning from the past and keeping the future in mind can really help us chart ahead with our focus onto our visions. 

Healthy reflection and practicing daily gratefulness can help us mentally and spiritually but it can also help us see how relevant our daily tasks are in fulfilling our goals and visions.

# Life Lesson No. 2:  Life is a Journey

It always got me thinking about what does one do after achieving a vision. The answer is very simple to set a new vision.

 A vision is not something that is static. It is a response to the needs we and others share. It should work towards making the world a better place. 

Now we can think this so abstract. I believe it is not abstract. I think the problem is when we try to fix everything.

 I think one should be focused on a single-core problem and begin to diversify.

So if you are helping someone by creating a product or offering a service start by focusing on developing one product at a time. 

If it works then diversify to other products or services.

# Life Lesson No. 3:  Feedback and Course Correction

Course Corrections is a vital part of achieving goals

Lastly, This is a very important lesson I take to the Next year.

That is how to perceive a victory or a loss.

When we are victorious I think it wise to take it as feedback that your strategies are working (unless it could also be some sort of unexpected streak of good luck) 

and when does not win, it should be an opportunity for course correction.

Concluding Thoughts

One of the gifts you can give yourself is to ponder on some of the lessons life has taught you in 2019 and use it to make 2020 a better one. 

Once again wish you a wonderful New Year and please like and subscribe to our Facebook page

Please do share your thoughts and some of the Life lessons you would be taking to the coming year.

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