3 ways to Start your dream project and Achieve it. This 1 Superb Mantra.

Starting out and Achieving our goals always start with the First Step

Achieving goals by this one great step

So Let me ask you this question, What is the best way to start any project?...

I believe it's by just doing this one thing. This one thing keeps a lot of people back. It is taking the first step, So what keeps us from doing this. It could be this fantasizing of perfection and perfect situations that could be the culprit. 

Way No.1: 90% Planning and the Rest is execution

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It said that a lot of people have really great ideas and plans, but lack of action is what stops them from moving ahead. It's not still the end of the year, so there is always a chance for a new beginning. We must use this as an opportunity to start on our plans. As an IT student, I had learned that success to most projects is 90% planning and the rest is execution. But many of us are just stuck in the first phase and seldom thinking of moving to the next.

(Read here, how I started out blogging, Click Here) Blogging was something that I always wanted to do and now doing it is, of course, a learning experience and a journey by itself. I think more than writing skills, it is being vulnerable that can stop us. A small step to open ourselves to others can take us a long way.

Way No.2: Failing is okay

 A Poem on Failing

What is keeping us back? I am sure there are many good reasons. But I think one of them could be the fear of failing and looking bad. Failing is okay, but not trying to work on your goals can be a source of major regret. I once heard this from a motivational speaker and this idea really caught my imagination. He said that imagine you are on your death bed and you start thinking of all the things you could have done to achieve those goals and dreams. 

Imagine all the possibilities of how things could have been. Imagine all those possibilities haunting you and crying to you for concretizing or work on them. Now think that you are going to die with all these regrets someday. (Chriseducator.com)

Is it all worth it or is it worth it to work on those goals or dreams you aspire. I think one must sit down and think about it.

Way no.3: Determined Action

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So is it any kind of action that helps us be effective and achieve our goals, of course, No! It's determined action. It's something that is needed, something you are passionate about, Something you would spend your life or day doing it. Something that grips you.

So, Don't let your dreams, just be another dream. Make it something that changes your life and the life of others. 

Powerful Quote from Tony Robbins

I would like to leave you with this quote from Tony Robbins. He is a great motivational speaker and he has changed many peoples lives. This is what he has to say about being successful.

Tony Robbins: Take Action

Concluding thoughts:

First steps are difficult and so is the beginning of any new project. But with proper planning and deliberation, we can find our way ahead. Our focus should be on excellence and not just perfection. A right attitude can be a real game-changer.

I think this mantra sums it all up for us.

"Audacious Goals + Massive ( Determined ) Action"

So I wish you a great day filled with Action and a lot of acting on your goals. It's the only way to achieve your goals. "Starting out and taking action".


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