A simple Plan and Powerful Personal Insights + Free Bonus Tip to fulfilling a New Year's resolution

Personal Insights and Steps to fulfilling your New Year's resolution

Planning and Doing it

Planning can be fun, but the implementation of it really sucks. I have had my share of difficulties planning and carrying them out. 

I think a lot of times rather than the process of planning the difficulty would lie for me in implementing the plan.

So one question would be how to plan...Like where to begin and what focus we need to keep. 

Today I shall deal with some of the questions related to planning and look at relevant areas to help us complete our resolutions and make this year a more fruitful year.

Getting confused solutions

So, before I begin let me tell you a story. Years back I was detected for high cholesterol. I got really worried about it. 

So I decided to reduce my weight. I started speaking to people about weight loss. 

But it soon dawned upon me that I was getting a lot of advice and most of it would contradict each other. This made me think how much of  what I learnt from people was right or even accurate. It was really difficult to discern right from wrong. 

I had to admit it to myself that I just did not know much about nutrition or weight loss. So I approached a professional. 

He planned my diet after doing to various tests. I followed it religiously. 

Losing & Gaining Weight...

The trigger for me to pursuing my New Year's resolution was a health issue I was trying to deal with. 

I needed a concrete solution and so the acceptance of my ignorance in dietetics and nutrition pushed me to getting professional advice.

Sometimes one of the reasons why we get discouraged and do not pursue our goals is lack of proper counsel and support.

You will not believe I lost a lot of weight and cholesterol too. In a months time results were very much visible. Within a year I had my health under control.

All these experiences really encouraged me. 

Some Personal Insights

This experience taught me a whole lot of things.

1. Accepting there is an issue:

Our goals are triggers (quite often) from the things we want to change or improve. So understanding the real issue can be quite a motivator

Just wanting an outcome can motivate one to a certain extent, but also understanding the underlying problem can be of real good help.

It can motivate us to deal with the issue with the right pace and focus.

2. Jack of all trades and mastering none:

Just having the realization that cursory knowledge is not enough can be a humbling experience. 

It can help one to see the importance of getting a mentor or an expert to deal with the problem. Self-help does not mean you have to do it alone.

Joining a community or getting in touch with a professional can be really useful.

3. Sticking to the plan:

I have realised looking back at some of the difficulties I faced while trying to get healthy, 
There was a whole lot of them and religiously being focused and not given up matters.

When you achieve your set goal, It feels really great and it can be life changing.

It builds in you a new confidence and energy. 

Following the plan to fulfill your Goals is worthwhile, so prepare a good plan and stick with it.

Free Bonus Tip

Modifying your plans and Changing course:

Sometimes it becomes necessary to adapt and change. This could be due to new information or feedback. 

Modifying plans should not be seen as abandoning your resolution nor as taking a tangent. It can be seen as a course correction.

Just like how a Rocket course corrects to reach a particular destination, we can do the same.

I believe it should be expected and one should be prepared for the same.

So before I let you go, let me end with this thought.

Insightful Quote on Goals

Don't make your goals just a wish

So don't just make wishes and build hope, Plan and implement it. 

Don't just plan and implement it, learn new ideas and get constant feedback. 

Don't pursue it alone get a mentor or guide, and also if possible join a community. 

But whatever you do believe in yourself and confidently move ahead.

Steps To Building a Simple Plan

 I would summarise my experience into the following Steps for Planning

Step 1:  Be clear about the Need you tackling

Uncover the Need that needs to be dealt with. Try concretizing it a few points or ideas that can be chunked together.

Step 2:  Understand how your Goals relates with the Need

Goals are like journeys that fulfill needs. So be clear and write it down.

Step 3:  Build a plan

Write down strategies and tactics you would be using in achieving those goals.

Step 4:  Consult your Mentor about your plans

Having relevant support and positive criticism can help. Please do not confuse criticism with people who are toxic or discourage you. Stay away from people who discourage you.

Step 5:  Be flexible and adaptable

The very nature of planning assumes changes and so we must include that as a part of our plan. 

We must be clear about the course we must take in case we encounter something very different from that we expected.

Step 6:  Get feedback and change course

While implementing our plans, we must constantly and a regular intervals seek feedback. 

This could be done by keeping targets or setting up a metrics to measure the effectiveness of the plan.

In Summary

A New Year is an opportunity to bring new hopes and aspirations to reality. Let us use to help ourselves and others too.

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