5 Things to do when things get difficult; how to survive tough times?

Battles are not won by luck, but by strategy and the will to fight

Encouraging people in a world faced with a lot of uncertainty is a duty and a vocation to me.

I think with the scale of issues we face everyday (famine, poverty, discrimination, crimes of all sorts and diseases) it is the most obvious thing to do.

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But for some, pain can be a gain of sorts. One thing I have realized over the years is that the human spirit by the Grace of God has been blessed. We have this seed and potential of being overcomers.

We need to remember and encourage ourselves when things don't go as expected.

Sometimes holding onto hope is not just to feel better, but also a sharp strategy.

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Have I gone through tough patches? 

Yes, I have and I think most of us have had a fair share of it.

But there are situations when it can be really bad. There are people who have suffered and are still suffering. 

Belittling their experience is not advisable and is somewhat less thoughtful.

I remember when I had a bad case of anxiety, it was horrible. People around you just don't understand what you are going through.

Medical professionals really help and especially the doctors. 

Please seek help when you need it, don't hesitate to help yourself. However you feel, believe me it is worth it.

Praying away problems?

I believe there is power in Prayer and God does help. But not dealing with problems rationally is not a good place to be.

We sometimes confide in our "Friends" or people who we think can help us.

But sometimes they just don't get it, and that's okay. But I hate when they start telling you to pray it away or that you just need to get over your childishness etc.

I don't know how this helps people going through sh*t.

I will try not adding to your burden with nonsense. I will share some pointers, they may not be solutions or magic potions to solve your problems; they will help.

It helped me and that's what I will share with you.

Some Pointers to get you through Tough situations

Accept the situation

Remember that sometimes it may be that we are crystallized in one perspective

Just reading this point  may get you thinking, "Chris, I have accepted it". May be, But did you really accept it.

Do you understand that there is a possibility that certain situations or problems may have no solution? You may have to understand the pros and cons. 

Feeling angry or sad about it is normal. But building a nest there, would be a mistake. Sometimes coping with the situation till there is a (positive) change may be the way forward.

If you can't control your emotions and they overwhelm you, seek help professionally. But remember that sometimes it may be that we are crystallized in one perspective.

Try speaking to people you trust, get a different perspective. Evaluate and see if the way you see the situation is helpful.

Helpful in the sense, that it brings a positive change for you and other people.

Don't play the blame game

If the tough situation has a cause and that cause in your estimation may be related to someone. You can speak to them about it.

But if it goes into a Blame game, I don't see the benefit. Just the negativity is toxic enough and can be discouraging.

We all find it difficult sometimes to accept our faults and mistakes. Getting into a mudslinging match can give you a temporary rush, but it's not worth it.

negativity is toxic enough...

Strengthen your situation, go back to your vision and dreams. Understand what is important, these power games are a waste of time.

Quitting is not a bad choice

We all have been taught that quitting is losing. Understand it is not, You don't need to win at everything.

Sometimes quitting may be the best thing forward. May be you think that quitting is bad.

Exiting is also a strategy. You can deal with the problem or task some other time; in some other project.

Quite odd for a motivational blogger to ask you to quit. Lol, it is okay. Sometimes quitting the game for the time being may be the best way forward.

Failing doesn't make you a loser

We all have our strengths and weaknesses

I can only speak for myself here. There was a time, I thought I had to be perfect and crack every exam, every time. This idea got the better of me.

It was only after I had a serious personal problem I understood it was extreme and that it just bogged me down. Though I wasn't giving any exams (Being an Educator), I was living my personal life as if it was so.

I began to understand that I don't need to be some sort of Superman and that even Superman is weak in front of Kryptonite.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, These labels are useful for people who don't know you and need categories to understand you. They are basically not that interested in you. Calling you a 'Success' or 'Failure' is just a shorthand to making social intercourse much easier and manageable. It's okay.

Speak to a loved one

Sharing how we feel is powerful. Loved ones can be really understanding. Sometimes they may not just care.

It is wise to keep them in the loop in case something difficult is happening. They can be friends or people you trust.

They may sometimes not completely understand how you are feeling. But they love you and would like to stand with you when you are in your tough zone. 

If you have loved ones like this, you are blessed and you should share with them how you feel.

You don't need to save the world, sharing can be a powerful experience. You could also journal, I have some articles on Journaling that would really help.

I have students who practice journaling and vision boards, They are really successful in what they do. Give it a try.

Use Hope

Yes, I am asking you to be Hopeful. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying things will magically solve themselves and get fine (may be it could).

My reading and research has helped me understand that it is more like a Strategy. Just giving up when times are tough is not the way.

Hope is like a weapon or like a torch that helps shine a light on the possibility of our dreams becoming a reality.

But you may say, Stop here Chris... You just said Quitting is okay. Yes, But I did not say kill your dreams and visions.

For your dreams can become a reality in ways you may have not expected. Allow Time to do its job. Practice Hopefulness, Difficult times are a part of your journey. You deserve having all your positive hopes bearing fruit.

Understand your purpose

I think achieving your purpose in life is important. Some of us may not know it or some may do.

I have practical take on it. Write a vision statement and keep that statement as a guide or a reminder to help you understand 'Why' and 'What' you are doing.

I would say think big and audacious when writing your visions statement. You could also just keep a mantra that you remember.

Wrapping it up

One Thing I can say with a high amount of Probability, You are going to face difficulties times and situations.

Our Ancestors and so will you, We are more sophisticated but that does not make us special. We are as important as the next person and as unique as others.

Tough times may last for a long while, but when you are out of it you should know that you  made the best of it and you learnt from it. It wasn't a wasted experience.

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