A personal story on dealing with excessive anxiety + 2 Key Pointers on dealing with it the Right way

March 21, 2022

If you are feeling overly anxious, I can understand how it feels

Deep Pain and an empty feeling

Imagine waking up one day and feeling low for no reason. Walking to the bus stop and your mind brings to you all the worries of the world. You know it is all exaggerated but you just can't help it.

Your church buddies don't get it, they think you are turning into some kind of Job and God is testing you. You are not able to concentrate on your job. You just feel horrible.

This is how I felt years ago, I was lecturing and in the middle of the lecture I had to leave. I needed to take a break I just couldn't think. It felt like there was a black hole in the center of my chest. It felt really hopeless. I had to tell my Head of Department about it.

Getting the right kind of Support

Get the support from people who care

She was really kind and she connected me with a Doctor. It was a life changing experience. I was suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

It a treatable disorder, and I so grateful and thankful to my HOD. She was a savior.

It is amazing how sometimes in spite of our Education we fail to take care of ourselves. I wonder why is it so.

Do we think it is a taboo and people will shun us and laugh at us? Is neglecting yourself spiritually sound and sensible? Is it a lack of faith?

What I think about GAD and 2 Pointers

Use Rationality and sensible thinking for Self Care

To me it was like any other disease. We must be rational and sensible. Taking care of ourselves is important if we want to work on our goals and dreams.

Detours are a part of the journey and so are setbacks. We must deal with them and we don't need to do it alone.

I would to share here a lot of tips and strategies, But I will only share 2 Pointers here.

1. Speak to someone who cares

2. Seek medical help

There are people who care for you. But Everyone also has things they are dealing with and so if some fail to get what you are going through it is okay. 

The next point I would like to mention is Professional Help is important. Although you can get some really helpful ideas from various resources getting the right help is key to better health.

I would encourage to take self care seriously and especially mental health.

In Conclusion

Emotional Health and Self Care are important

Taking care of yourself is a journey and an important part of achieving your Goals. We must expect the unexpected at times.

Having a balanced lifestyle is important to you and the people you influence.

Professional Medical Help is important for proper self care. I hope I have been able to enrich you through this post.

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Relevance of your dreams and aspirations? A Thoughtful Quote and 6 Key takeaways

March 07, 2022


May be they are much more than just desires

Childhood and Dreams

When I was small I always wanted to be a Pope. I found him to be a very charismatic and inspiring public figure.

If you asked me as a child what I wanted to become it would be one of the answer you would hear from me. But it upset me to learn that Pope's remains a celibate (Imagine as a kid thinking gosh I won't have a wife, Lol!)

Over the years I have wanted to choose a lot of interesting professions. As one matures you settle for a profession and you settle into it as its a practical option. I have been content with Educating students on Management and Soft Skills, but exploring other opportunities have been a blessing.

Your Inner Map

                            Use your dreams and aspiration to get yourself a good start

I have looked at my Dreams and aspirations as some kind of inner map. It has personally helped me find my purpose and put things into perspective for example, understanding my purpose and my profession.

I think we must own our dreams and aspirations while others share their insights and critiques. They are living their own reality and you got to own yours.

We can share our vision with others. But it is left to us to understand its relevance and how it makes a difference. Making a difference does involves you; and how it impact others too. 

The tendency becomes to only focus on ourselves and the immediate benefits. Modern culture encourages a tendency for quick gratification which may not be totally realistic.

Importance of Being focused

Focus requires a Target, Read more

What happens if we fail; it affects us or may be even demotivate us. But it doesn't have to be like that. I think failing is normal and is a part of the process.

Personally I have caught myself focusing on too many things. They all look attractive and fine. But I think the trick is to focus on a few things. May be 2 or 3 things or ideas that holds your focus.

When we do not focus we have nothing to measure our actions or successes against. This can be both a fruitless and demotivating experience. 

We have not allowed ourselves to get into gear to put our plans to work. We have just been caught up with the novelty and attractiveness of new ideas. If we just put the same efforts into succeeding in a few things it would take us a long way.

Some Key Takeaways

I think there are some key takeaways we can remember:

  1. You must own your goals
  2. Achieving your goals make you and others happy
  3. Goals require proper work and focus
  4. Strong focus is essential, focusing on everything is like focusing on nothing
  5. Measure your progress
  6. Don't focus on the shiny objects only.
There are could a laundry list of things I could put here, but I think in my experience these 6 key points is something that I found to be important.

In Conclusion

Working with people and hearing their stories about their achievements it teaches one a lot. If you feel that people don't believe in your dreams, try winning them over. I have learnt that a lot of times it is about getting a one more supporter than less. 

We should sell the idea to ourselves and others too besides getting the focus right and working our plans.

Wish you a Happy Journey. Do drop a comment and Let us know what goals you are working on. May be you are starting a business or trying to lose weight.

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The Art of turning a good day with a bad start to a fresher and better one: 3 Strategies to bringing the change

February 24, 2022


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How to deal with a bad day? Every day cannot be Valentine's day. Some days can be bad. How does one deal with a bad one?

Maybe you are okay with it, but can other people bear your tantrums. Everyone is not your mom and maybe they tolerate your nakhra and some don't. Why not take a hold of it and change it?

Let me share some strategies that have helped me.

1. Your day is not over

Each day and the events within the day don't need to be like a series of dominoes. 

A bad start doesn't mean a bad ending. It is in your mind. 

You can stop, take a deep breath and remember a positive moment or a better day. 

Now start afresh. You have decided to start from a better moment. Now you can end your day well.

2. It is your time and your day

We are all like islands in our own heads but we are in reality connected with each other. 

It is normal to slide on a few things and lose control. Maybe you need to take the toll of your current situation and reclaim the control you have lost. 

How do you want to experience your current reality? Choose a better thought over a defeatist one. 

You have nothing gained by allowing your day to go bad.

3. Take a short break

Maybe you have had a tiresome week and you need a small break. 

I am not suggesting leaving your duty and commitments. You need to spare 5 minutes of your day. 

You can meditate, pray, or maybe listen to some calming or positive music.


If you have had a bad day and you are reading this article. This is time to stop reading this article and start practicing what I have suggested. 

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This blog is 100 Post old, the journey so far, Planning and plans to make the road ahead awesome...

February 13, 2022


Thank you for your support I completed 100 Posts on this blog

Journeys and a new journey

A journey starts with the first few steps but it actually begins with a desire. Desire to be somewhere and do something.

I love journeys it gives you time to stop and think. It disrupts your journey and puts in a place where you may encounter the unknown.

My journey blogging has had a similar feel to it, I was encouraged by friends to start it.

I never regret it, but I have tried to experiment with it along the way.

My Experiments blogging

Check this experiment

This blog has been a personal one. I have tried to focus on my insights and thoughts. I have done quite a few experiments along the way.

I have tried using ads on this platform and working on different formats. I have learnt a lot from this experience.

I think there may be techniques to get better, but I must say it is worth the effort.

Good, Better, Best with Christopher Dias: A New Series

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I have started a new series on Stck.me or Scrollstack. I share short posts in a newsletter format.

You can treat it like a daily companion on Self Help and Personal Effectiveness.

I am 3 posts old and I am loving it already. You can get access to my articles by following me.

It costs you nothing, absolutely nothing. Just a few moments from your quota of time and a bit of attention.

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What is my Next Target?

Check this post | Wisdom by Bob Proctor

My next target for this blog is coming with more digital resources. I have been thinking about creating downloadables and small e-books.

I think different types of content require different formats. I have found E-Books to be more focused and geared towards learning a concept or looking at a new perspective.

I am in the process of researching ideas and collecting required resources. Lets see it should be up soon.

I plan to present them to you people soon! Fingers crossed 🤞 I am hoping for the best.


Thank you for the love and support you guys have shown me. It is great to have a committed and supportive audience.

Do share your feedback and comment on my FB Page. Wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

See you in the next post, Ciao!


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