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Personal Choices and choosing the Best...

May 16, 2019
Choosing better over Best

Choosing better over the best can be the most difficult choice...Just yesterday I chose the Better over the best. It felt really great, but waiting can be a lot of hard work.

 Life is like a string of choices. Good, better and Best may, for the most part, be a matter of perception. But a lot of things are basic and so listening to our inner voice can really help.

Here is a quote from Nelson Mandela on Choices to guide us on the same...

Hopes vs Fears
Wish you all the best and May you make good choices with your hopes as a guide.

Ciao! Have a great time...


Why Chris Educator started a blog and How can you for 5 Reasons?

May 08, 2019
5 Reasons to Blog and why I started blogging

Communication is exciting and fun, although it can be challenging for a lot of people. I used to be quite shy as a person, but after a long effort, it helped me deal with this challenge in a more structured way. I faced a similar challenge while trying to start with a blog.

Why Chris Educator?

Blogging has been fun and difficult at the same time. It exposes yourself to a lot of people, you got to share your ideas and thought. This can make a person open to criticisms and trolls. I have used a lot of resources to make this journey into blogging a smooth one, to begin with. 

Purpose & Prose

So how do I start was the question I had before me, So I decided to start with the purpose. The most basic idea was to share ideas whatever and whenever you like to. But 'why' is also an important question that loomed before me. Soul Searching was the place I decided to begin, I took a day or so. I made mental notes of various ideas. Though they were half baked, I just took note of it. Professionally I am an Educator, so blogging about Life & Learning was something that I thought I would be able to write about. So that's where I decided to begin. AtLast, I had a starting point.

Learning Curves

The Rest was a huge learning curve, but a lot of good resources on the internet and offline really helped me. Believe me, there are a lot of resources to make a great blog. Today I shall share some of them with you. But I shall try to keep it real.

Starting your Blog...

Why Blogger

There are many blogging platforms like Wordpress, Wix, Blogger, Tumblr and many more. These platforms are pretty intuitive, But there is a bit of learning. I decided to choose Blogger because I felt it was hassle free, secure and I love Google.

Wordpress is awesome and the Benefits of Blogger

I was really considering Wordpress, but I thought I should invest in that platform after I have learned more about the platform and blogging as well. Wordpress is an open source blogging CMS or a content management system. It is really powerful and the best thing it is free to use. If you already have a blog and want to move onto Wordpress it quite simple. But Wordpress Hosting is a cost although it is not that expensive, choosing a good host is important. So choosing Blogger helped me focus on learning to blog. So I am still learning. Would love teaching it someday (i.e. teach blogging), but for now, I can teach other subjects. Please do check the Services section and get in touch in case you need a good Learning coach or a tutor. Now let's see the next most important aspect of blogging.

Blog Identity: The difference it makes

The Basics

The identity of one's blog is also very important. The most basic feature of a blog would be its look and feel. Then would come the logo and lastly the domain name. After I was ready to blog, I wanted a good theme for my blog. I found a lot of good resources for blog themes. Here are some links. I started parallel private blogs and experimented with them. When I was confident about the theme I choose, I was all set to use it. But it needed a bit of tweaking ( I think tweaking and improvements is a constant thing) and so I used a lot of online resources to help me with the coding and SEO aspects of the blog.

Naming your Blog

Another aspect of Blog Identity is the domain name. I had a list of names I had chosen. When I lost the domain name I wanted, it gave me push to actually register a domain. So some simple pointers to choosing a domain name. It should not conflict with an established brand, it should be easy to remember and try getting one that ends with a '.com'. There are many domain name providers. Here are some of them you could consider.

Why People Blog? Hobby, Money and much more

Perks of  Blogging

Do people earn money blogging? I think the answer is well known, A resounding 'Yes'. There are many bloggers who even earn Six-figure incomes blogging. But I think earning money is not the only motive. You could blog as a hobby or even promote your own business or an idea etc. There are various categories to blogging and various types of blog. 

Categories & Types of Blogs

According to Fistsiteguide, 8 types of blogs or bloggers dominate the Internet. Let me list them, Personal Blogs, Business Blogs, Professional Blogs, Niche Blogs, etc. Please check the article and resources of this website. It elaborates more on the topic of types of bloggers and blogs. Click here!

Now let's look at Categories of Blogs, It is important to also understand how your blog is categorized. Here are some categories DIY, Personal Blog, Finance Blog, etc. Check this article by Wpbeginner on this topic. WpBegginer has a lot of resources to start a good blog. it speaks a lot on the same issue of blogging and much more. It has helped me a lot. Click here!

The Price to pay: Is it Expensive or Cheap

Pain areas of Blogging

Starting a blog can be a costly or reasonable affair, it completely depends on your requirements. So here is a format you could consider to start a blog.

Priority List:

  • Web Hosting Cost
  • Related Content ( Images, Video, Explainer video, etc.)
  • Domain Name
  • Marketing Cost
  • Tools for analyzing Web Metrics
  • Work Hours spent on blogging and Researching
  • Total Investment

This is a rough format, but you can also take it as pointers which help you understand the cost involved in blogging. Many on the list above can be free or paid depending on your requirement.

Resources for your blog and related costs

Now budgeting a blog will depend on the kind of blog one runs. Highly specialized and well-designed blogs have a lot of resources that drive the website. These resources build User experience and help deliver quality content.

Here are some of the things to consider while determining the cost of your blog.
  • Graphics
  • Logo Design
  • Blog Hosting
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Training & Blog Audit Cost
  • Marketing & Advertising cost
  • Misc.

There are a lot of online resources to help your budget. But it is important to understand the cost and resources needed. Please do check by Harsh Agrawal, he has a great resource on starting a blog. He shares a lot of ideas and tricks, I have subscribed to his email list. It has helped me learn a lot.

Enhancing your Blog: How to spice it up

It is very important to include a lot of pictures in your content. A lot of beautiful pictures are paid, but there are free resources too. Pixabay, Pexels are great repositories of Free pictures and videos. It can be used for personal and commercial purposes too. For ideas on content to produce, I believe in consuming content, experiencing life and writing from the heart as much as possible. Churning out content every day is not my way and so I don't. May I would change that in the future. But there are a lot of great ways to get ideas for content, Google News or Twitter could be a great way. Google trends will also help you find out what's trending. There are a lot of paid tools available like Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, etc. You could check them out.

For organizing your marketing effort I found Hubspot really nice. For Social Media Management, there are a lot of tools like Hootsuite.

So Just start to blog if that's your interest. and just continuing without thinking about success and failure is the hard part. 

Marketing your Blog: Getting Heard

Another important part of good blogging is getting heard. So Social Media plays a very vital role. Interacting online whether it's on FB groups or Reddit can make a huge difference. Social Media Strategy is important. There are many tools to create content for social media like Canva, Adobe Spark, etc. I use Canva, it's a great tool. Besides, that landing pages are important. Leadpages, Unbounce are some ways to create great Landing pages.

Purposeful Blogging: Intent, Intentions...

I believe in the end it's about enjoying blogging and sharing great content with your target audience. And Greatness is not achieved in a day. But starting out is very important. Learn, implement and relearn should be the key. There a lot of tools available. I hope this article gives you an overview.

( Please note this article does not contain any affiliate links )

Keep on learning, whether Rich or Poor...

April 03, 2019
Quote by John Foster
There is always something to learn in Life
There always some insight we can get from life, people and Circumstances.


Don't Let Defeat deter you...One sure way to succeed, Bob Proctor's sure shot method to be on Target

March 19, 2019
Image courtesy:
How to Be on Target...Bob Proctor tells us how

Bob Proctor is a Canadian Motivational Speaker. He is a motivational speaker and best selling author. He is one of America's Premier prosperity Authors.

You might have seen him in the movie The Secret. Here is a link to know more about him. Click Here  It has a detailed story about him.

I like this particular quote which I want us to reflect on.

It is apt and logical, the smartest way to succeeding is to stick with our goals and vision.  Don't let Lack of resources, knowledge or motivation let you down or come in the way of Pursuing your Happiness.


Five Easy Ways To Facilitate Gratitude Journal Styles

February 24, 2019
Gratitude Journal Styles *

In my previous article, I have covered a lot of ground on Gratitude. Please click here to check it and please do subscribe to my emails for future articles and announcements. Practicing gratitude has really helped me see things differently and it has helped get a more positive outlook.

To me, it seems like the most obvious thing, but sometime back it was not. A lot of times good ideas just tickle our imaginations and senses. It is very seldom implemented. Either because we feel that it is impractical or we don't have a plan to guide us. In this app driven world where everything is an app. It can be difficult to do things without a plan or framework. Today I shall be sharing a beautiful concept related to gratitude called a Gratitude journal.

So let us first understand the idea before actually making one. I believe that recording our feelings and reactions while finding a grateful attitude to filter out our emotions can be quite helpful. Primarily on not so good days, it would help us understand the reasons to find some cheer. It would also remind us that our selective thinking focuses our attention only on pitiful memories when we are down or on brighter moments when we are upbeat. Which I think it doesn't seem like any kind of objectivity. So in life, I think adding a dash of hopefulness to seeing situations can be very useful. It helps us understand our situations and also guides us to strategize ahead. This is where gratefulness plays a key role.

So, Here are 5 ways to a Gratitude Journal:

'The Weekly Gratitude' Journal:

A Weekly Gratitude Journal is a weekly record of the events, moments and things that make you feel grateful. Choose just a small list of say five things that make you feel grateful. I believe this could very simple and normal things. The idea is developing an attitude of gratitude and not filling up a book. So reflect intently and fill the list.

'End of the Day Gratitude' Journal:

This is a daily record of encountering gratitude. So choose a quiet and peaceful time of the day. Calm your mind and reflect on the events during the day. Now record it on paper or if you are using a software or an app key it in. Keep the sentences short. So when you get back to your journal, its a like a summary of all the grateful moments during your day.

'Anytime Gratitude' Journal:

This style of journaling would involve recording your gratitude moments on the go. You feel it, you know it, you write it. It's quite simple. So one just needs to use some tact and to stop and think. Then after reflecting at the situation, person or challenge, we need to record it in the journal. But in this style, there is no real time or place. It's on the go.

'Monthly Gratitude' Journal:

This style of journaling should be done once a month. But to keep it meaningful and factual. It should be more of a ritual. A day of the month should be chosen to record the reasons to be grateful. This could be done in a quiet place or after some prayer or meditation. This helps you focus and engage with the process of journaling our gratitude moments.

'Hybrid Gratitude' Journal:

In this style, we pick and choose some of the above styles to our convenience. We can combine anytime journaling with Monthly journaling ( or formats of your choice). So the first one becomes like a daily tracker and the second one to record the highlights for the month. Creatively bespoke it to your convenience and good health.

Ending Thoughts

In short, I would say there is no one particular style I would recommend. 'Anytime Gratitude' Journaling is an approach that helped me.

I prefer writing paragraphs then just lists. It helps me recap the emotion and situation. I don't use any particular template. But there are many useful templates to use. Check this article by PositivePsychologyProgram, It covers some interesting templates and apps that can be used for creating a Gratitude journal.

Your views

In the comments section, please do mention what approach has helped you. In a future article, I shall cover some templates and technologies like apps and platforms that have personally helped me. God bless! See you in the next article...

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