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Who is Chris educator?

Let me Introduce Myself

Learning and Educating is a career and a passion for me. I have been sharing ideas and content related to Life and Personal Effectiveness for a long time. 

But I went digital with this blog a couple of years ago. I love learning, teaching, and researching new ideas and experiences.

I will be sharing my personal and  fallible, but not necessarily wrong views.

My Background

Christopher Dias, Educator and Corporate Trainer

I am an Experienced Educator and currently a Freelancer who Learns, Educates and creates content that I believe is useful.

I am an MBA in Marketing and a Certified Corporate Trainer. I have had the pleasure of Educating and Training students in Undergraduate courses related to Management Studies, Environmental Management, Financial Markets, Strategic Management and host of other courses.

I am a Trained Theater Artist and  I have a deep passion for cinema. I also love web technologies and I worked in the past as a Web Programmer.

Marketing and Education

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Teaching grade 4 students 4P's of Marketing

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As a specialist in Marketing and professional Educator, I share ideas related to Life and Personal Effectiveness.

Besides being a Blogging Enthusiast,  I also Teach and Tutor. 

Do consider contacting me, if you are interested in Personal Coaching or  Corporate Training related services. Please click here for more information.

In Conclusion

I would like to thank you for stopping by. I would love to know your views, please put them in the comment section of the relevant blog post.

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