Stop Wasting Time and Communicate

By Christopher Dias

Hello World ! My First Post,Photo by Ink Drop from Pexels
Hello World!    Credit: Photo by Ink Drop from Pexels

 Yay! My first Post...

I have always loved sharing ideas and discussing them with people. So getting into Training and Lecturing was quite exciting for me. A really nice extension of post-MBA college life.

People always asked me to write a blog, and hereafter much deliberation here is my first blog post. Goodness! It was quite easy.

Communication & Being Shy

Oh yes, you heard it right shyness had really plagued me for quite some time. I really don't know how it got into me in the first place.

I had failed an exam in communication skills in my First Year of Degree college. This shook me. I decided to overcome my fears. Especially shyness, which was the real reason for my supposedly poor communication.

I followed a few steps that helped me in this journey. Before I share them I would like to say, It helped to see the world differently. Overcoming this difficulty taught a lot.

Self Reflection

Sometimes when we are caught in our own problems, we tend to overlook other issues that people face. Coming back to me failing in Communication skills. So, I immediately decided a church group. I had been in church throughout my life, so joining a church group was quite easy. The community life and fellowship helped me open up. First, I was volunteering and then later I had also started teaching at Sunday School. 

I think it is important to join a club or a community. It offers a platform for helping people. This can be quite a driver to explore oneself and help in understanding others. I believe it is the first step towards being a better communicator. In the process, the build-up of ideas and formation of good friendships can help in breaking the ice within.

Mentor and a friend

Close friends can also help you in the process. They are much more than sounding boards. They are honest with their opinions and feedback. 
Better communicator also needs good feedback. A trusted friend can help in sifting for constructive feedback. All feedback is not constructive.

A close friend who was also an Excellent Copywriter was like a Mentor friend. We would meet often and discuss advertisements. As an IT graduate then, it helped me learn something about Marketing and Advertising, and also enhance my communication skills.

Learning to start with being Average

Over the years, I have learned that what keeps us back is not our difficulties in opening up, but also the need to be great or excellent. New tasks cannot be mastered in a day or a few months. Excellence is a journey. It is stupid to expect that in a day. It's ok to start with average.

So whether it is blogging, communicating or any new skill I think healthy self-reflection, effective mentors and a start can be a Great Begining.

Hello World!

Wow, I have just written my first post.

I hope these insights have helped. Please tune in and watch this space. You can connect with me by signing on my email list or just connecting on social media.

Ciao! Happy Learning to you.

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