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One Major Reason why you don't like your job: How enjoying your work can increase your Brand value?

November 03, 2019
Photo by Rebrand Cities from Pexels

My love for Theater and Drama

Theater and drama have always been my passion. Years back when Orkut was a thing I joined a Theatre group. I met this guy online and he was very passionate about drama and cinema. So I got in touch with him. He informed me, he was starting a drama club. I met this group of theater enthusiasts. 

We all shared the same passion and more importantly we all valued cinema and drama. We would read scripts together and also do drama. We did a couple of plays at various corporate events and also organized our own Theater play. It was simply amazing. 

So Why am I tell you all this? Its to share an important decision I had to make. The decision of leaving this wonderful drama club. They were going to be different by taking a new route and at that juncture in my journey towards learning more about drama, I felt that I wanted something different for myself. 

So I left and informed that the reason why I could not continue and be a part of their group. My values and vision had changed.

Keeping the important things important

So I joined another theater group, I would practice and watch plays every weekend. The fun continued. What I realized from the entire experience is the importance of aligning work and values. I valued learning and did not want to compromise it.

 My values were like pillars supporting my ultimate goal. I wanted to be a better communicator and educator. It really helped me develop myself and my skillset. A lot of times we don't enjoy our work and this could be for various reasons. I believe one strong reason could be a lack of alignment between goals, values and the work you are doing.

 So aligning them can bring a lot of changes and it can also help you leave a mark not only on your work but also on others.

Enthusiasm and Being an awesome Influencer

During my stint as an Executive with various companies, I loved the experience of working in teams. I shared the same joy in Academics. 

It was amazing to see students succeed in their events, project and other endeavors. I believe it was that shared enthusiasm and values that helped them succeed. Some of the students would become really popular without even trying. 

They were able to lead and influence a lot of team members and colleagues. The way they worked and presented themselves as one of the reasons they had a successful image. 

Importance of Personal Branding to your job

In the day and age of Social Network, Personal image can play a vital role. Presentation of self and our opinions do matter. To think that it doesn't, wouldn't be wise. So I believe it all starts with ourselves. The way we present ourselves depends a lot on our values and how passionate we are about the things that we work and live for.

If we do not enjoy our work, it shows. You may be paid the same, but you could be affecting other things like Personal Brand value. Two questions come to mind when we hear about Personal Branding. 

What is it?
Is it important?

Personal Branding is the practice of using branding and marketing for a person and not for a product or service or business. So let me first explain branding and how it is different from marketing before getting into using it for a person or self. 

Brand refers to the symbol, name, term or design that identifies one product from all other products. So Branding would be the process of creating a brand. 

On the other hand, Marketing involves satisfying customers' wants profitably. So these techniques when applied to ourselves properly can help us grow in our careers. It can help us explore ourselves effectively.

How big Brands influence and how to model them?

One important thing about brands is that they promise something and they deliver them quickly and effectively. They do so through careful planning and execution. So the question is how can we do the same? How can we brand ourselves? 

As employees, we make promises at our workplace. It is important to keep those promises. This can be the first step. We must stand for something, some we must deliver on words quickly. This should not only reflect in our words, but also in our work.

Big brands take measured steps and tie metrics to judge their effectiveness. We should set standards for ourselves as professionals. 

There is a whole lot of steps involved but what guides and keeps the flame of passion for good work going. It is our values and yes, our vision. Focus cannot come without a goal or a vision. One cannot achieve their vision or goals without having the values and passion to carry one through the tough times and difficult situations.

One simple mantra for enjoying your work and leaving a mark is to stick to your values and deliver on your words. Let values build and help to burn the flames of passionate work. Leave a mark by keeping your promises.

Falling for anything

This reminds of a cliche that goes like this, "If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything." When you stand for anything you won't be easily remembered. 

Most of the icons we look up to, may it be technology, religion, politics or culture, they all stood for something. They lived their message and mostly delivered them. Its time to do the same and standout.

Some simple ways to Building a Personal Brand at your workplace

  • Promise and deliver
  • Plan and measure the execution of your plan
  • Let your goals and visions drive your promises
  • Use your values effectively
I hope this article got you thinking, does help you and get you thinking. Do leave a comment and share this article.

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3 Powerful ways to help you Create your daily miracles: Life's simplest things

August 20, 2019
Simple things in Life and the miracles they bring

 Being Pensive

When I get pensive and thinking about the good and bad times it's the simplest things that amaze me. Let me share, for example watching our children grow so fast and see them share their views on things can be so insightful. Life moves ahead so fast.

via GIPHY        Being Pensive: Mellow Moments

Today, I shall try to include share some ideas on Life's simplest things. How to cherish small things and how to create your small miracles of Happiness? But before I start speaking about it, Here is my favorite quote on the simple things in life. I believe it captures the beauty of simple living.

It is the simplest things in life that hold the most wonder; the color of the sea, the sand between your toes, the laughter of a child.- Goldie Hawn

Searching for the Extraordinary

I think sometimes we think doing extraordinary things can make us happy. Now I see the great wonder in simple things. All this started with the idea of choosing to be happy. When we are at our lowest we only recollect the negative and we get into a pithy party. But just shifting your attention to simple things can bring so much joy. I believe when we choose to be happy, we try to seek joy. Focusing on simple things can be a source of great joy. It's like God's hidden miracles that bring us back to our childlike wonder. It makes us smile or cry (whatever).

I once missed drowning while on a vacation. Post that experience, I realized the beauty in just being safe. The joy to interact with people and dream about possibilities. Being dead in that pool would take a lot of things away. So let's consider some ideas that can move us in that direction, towards more simple living.

3 Points can be quite an enabler to simple living:

  • Being Intentional: Intentional would mean being deliberate. So can one spend a day intentionally, Start by planning your day. Have a script for your whole day. Keep a planner or a set of tasks to plan your day. I use Google Keep or Tasks for this. It's a really great tool. Start rethinking the effectiveness of your attitudes and workstyles. Take time to pause and reflect on what tasks have you completed during the day. Reflect on how your actions have helped you grow physically, spiritually and financially. Have you been effective to your immediate friend circle or community? These could be some questions to help you focus your actions and tasks.

Reflect on how your actions have helped you grow physically, spiritually and financially. 

  • Start with Average and move ahead with excellence: Focus and perspective can really shape a lot of projects, sometimes our drive towards achieving perfection and perfect situations can cripple us. They can take away our control. To change that, Start with average, meaning average results. If you have not been able to change that habit or go on that diet 100%, no problem. Just start out and constantly improve your rate of success. Do not give up on your goals and yourself. This can be a great way to move towards achieving our goals. 

Do not give up on your goals and yourself. 

  • Learn to use the Pause button: Responding and not reacting can be useful, a great way to start being responsive could be to learn to take time to stop and think. Just using the pause button can help us rethink our approaches and attitude to difficult situations or even to learn new ideas and rejuvenate ourselves. It can be used to create those small moments to generate great ideas or even just to relax.

Responding and not reacting can be useful

Now there is another way to enjoy life's small miracles. It could be by being grateful.

Here is my list of things I am grateful for:

10 Things I grateful for ( Increase list to 10 things )

What's your Gratefulness list?

Here are some of them:
  1. Having the choice to be happy
  2. Ability to learn from difficulties
  3. The joy of having a naughty baby girl
  4. Friends and Friendships (that I cherish)
  5. Parents
  6. God
  7. Taking short vacations
  8. Shopping
  9. Ability to help someone
  10. Having a wonderful life partner

How to list simple things that touch your heart?

Now that was my list, What is your list? I have some articles on Gratitude, Check it Here. I have also written about how to create gratitude journals. I believe this is a really powerful habit as it forces us to focus and teaches us to appreciate life's simplest things.

Focusing on the simple things and uncovering its hidden joys can be a real transformative experience. I would like to share this video that shares the joy of simple living.

Interesting Video:

Here is a video that helps us understand the beauty of simple things in our life. Alain de Botton explains really well, why the simple and normal pleasures are beautiful and important.

 So let's create those small miracles and enjoy the life we have.

Concluding Thoughts

It can be so empowering to have the ability to create happiness and enjoy the wonders of the life we have been gifted. Sometimes life situations can be challenging but by hard work and using our tact and intentional living we can improve our lives and our experiences.

Please do comment, share and give your valuable feedback. Thank you. Ciao!

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Is Positive thinking always helpful? 5 Pitfalls you never knew to having a positive attitude

July 17, 2019
5 Pitfalls of positive thinking
What are the limitations of Positive thinking? Learn the Pros and Cons

Just be a bit more positive and things will change for you. You will achieve the stars and the moon in the sky. That's what it can be made to be by some people. Well, for some it is a better approach to approaching issues. I am talking about Positivity and Positive thinking. But one thing I learned from years of studying and learning, a lot of ideas have its limitations. In this article, I shall be exploring these negatives of Positivity,i.e. Positive Thinking. One of the best books I was asked to read was The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. (I think for a lot of us thinking negative was like normal.) I must confess it has helped me. I was recommended by a friend's mother. The book has a lot of good ideas on how to be more positive.

But here are some ideas I believe could be limitations to Positive thinking.

List of Negatives of Positive Thinking

Ignoring the obvious

I think positive thinking can be really good, it is solution-oriented. It believes in seeing opportunities where others tend to see lack or no options. But there are limitations, one must not supplant rational thinking for make-belief (it mostly doesn't help) and can be harmful to oneself and others. So putting on a critical hat on should help us be more realistic and show us the inherent risk. I know it exposes us to a kind of uncertainty and ambiguity, but that thread of uncertainty called risk is present in any decision we make. So if positive thinking sees the cup half full, it won't magically produce the other half.

Ignoring risk can be quite risky most of the times. Calculated risks can prevent unwanted situations. I would recommend a great book to help you think clearly by Rolf Dobelli. The book is called The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli. This book introduces powerful concepts in a beautiful manner. Very Interesting and helpful book. So, Clear thinking and being open to ideas must accompany positivity.

Magical Thinking

Positive thinking should not be used as some kind of force or energy. It would be wrong to think that just being positive can change the course of things. I don't think most proponents claim that positive thinking changes reality. So pretending it attracts things etc., that it would be inherently wrong, at least a practical and rational level.

Our thinking must be tempered with either evidence or experience, If not both. Please check this article on Psychology today that explores Magical Thinking in more depth, click here. Magical thinking can push towards bad choices and couple with Positive thinking, it could result in self-deception.

Self Deception

Self-deception is another negative of being overly positive. Rather than a negative its mostly stretching positive thinking beyond the purpose, it was intended for. Positive thinking has really helped me and benefitted me a lot, So using it for the right purpose is very important.

Self-deception may be beneficial, but there are surely disadvantages. That is important to be aware of, it could result in ignoring important issues and can also result in self-harm ( in case there are any health issues involved). So care and temperance are vitally important. For more reading on this topic do check this book on deception for an in-depth view, Vital Lies, Simple Truths: The Psychology of Self-Deception by Daniel Goleman. For more reading, check this article on Self Deception.

A wrong view of Reality

I think the most important thing is not having the right evaluation of reality. Some episodes in our lives can be really difficult and coping may be important. But it is important to live up to the right view of things. (that's my personal take...I know it can be painful) Critical thinking can really help.

Check this tutorial on critical thinking by Tutorialspoint, click here. Here is the wiki on Critical thinking, click here. I believe that a lack of critical thinking can create a lot of problems and thinking errors. I am not saying that all of us should go and become philosophers, but just learning a bit more can be interesting and fun. 

Some side effects you must consider...

Bad Thinking Habits:

It's my personal opinion that bad habit leads to bad consequences. Right thinking is an essential component of better living. So also over positivity, It should be tempered with critical thinking and some amount of realistic thinking too. All this is quite a mental exercise, but that's a good way to a better life.

Pointers to help on Practice Effective positivity:

Some quick pointers to Practice Effective positivity. Firstly eliminate magical thinking and false expectations. Secondly, understand that thinking is a choice and you are in control of your thoughts. It would be wrong to just be lead. Lastly, Be positive but do not mistake it for a silver bullet.


Positive thinking is a great approach to enhancing ourselves and our lives. Like many good ideas, it can be misused and should not be. Healthy rationalism and critical thinking can help us make better decisions.

I hope you liked this article. Please comment and share it, thank you.

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Why Chris Educator started a blog and How can you for 5 Reasons?

May 08, 2019
5 Reasons to Blog and why I started blogging

Communication is exciting and fun, although it can be challenging for a lot of people. I used to be quite shy as a person, but after a long effort, it helped me deal with this challenge in a more structured way. I faced a similar challenge while trying to start with a blog.

Why Chris Educator?

Blogging has been fun and difficult at the same time. It exposes yourself to a lot of people, you got to share your ideas and thought. This can make a person open to criticisms and trolls. I have used a lot of resources to make this journey into blogging a smooth one, to begin with. 

Purpose & Prose

So how do I start was the question I had before me, So I decided to start with the purpose. The most basic idea was to share ideas whatever and whenever you like to. But 'why' is also an important question that loomed before me. Soul Searching was the place I decided to begin, I took a day or so. I made mental notes of various ideas. Though they were half baked, I just took note of it. Professionally I am an Educator, so blogging about Life & Learning was something that I thought I would be able to write about. So that's where I decided to begin. AtLast, I had a starting point.

Learning Curves

The Rest was a huge learning curve, but a lot of good resources on the internet and offline really helped me. Believe me, there are a lot of resources to make a great blog. Today I shall share some of them with you. But I shall try to keep it real.

Starting your Blog...

Why Blogger

There are many blogging platforms like Wordpress, Wix, Blogger, Tumblr and many more. These platforms are pretty intuitive, But there is a bit of learning. I decided to choose Blogger because I felt it was hassle free, secure and I love Google.

Wordpress is awesome and the Benefits of Blogger

I was really considering Wordpress, but I thought I should invest in that platform after I have learned more about the platform and blogging as well. Wordpress is an open source blogging CMS or a content management system. It is really powerful and the best thing it is free to use. If you already have a blog and want to move onto Wordpress it quite simple. But Wordpress Hosting is a cost although it is not that expensive, choosing a good host is important. So choosing Blogger helped me focus on learning to blog. So I am still learning. Would love teaching it someday (i.e. teach blogging), but for now, I can teach other subjects. Please do check the Services section and get in touch in case you need a good Learning coach or a tutor. Now let's see the next most important aspect of blogging.

Blog Identity: The difference it makes

The Basics

The identity of one's blog is also very important. The most basic feature of a blog would be its look and feel. Then would come the logo and lastly the domain name. After I was ready to blog, I wanted a good theme for my blog. I found a lot of good resources for blog themes. Here are some links. I started parallel private blogs and experimented with them. When I was confident about the theme I choose, I was all set to use it. But it needed a bit of tweaking ( I think tweaking and improvements is a constant thing) and so I used a lot of online resources to help me with the coding and SEO aspects of the blog.

Naming your Blog

Another aspect of Blog Identity is the domain name. I had a list of names I had chosen. When I lost the domain name I wanted, it gave me push to actually register a domain. So some simple pointers to choosing a domain name. It should not conflict with an established brand, it should be easy to remember and try getting one that ends with a '.com'. There are many domain name providers. Here are some of them you could consider.

Why People Blog? Hobby, Money and much more

Perks of  Blogging

Do people earn money blogging? I think the answer is well known, A resounding 'Yes'. There are many bloggers who even earn Six-figure incomes blogging. But I think earning money is not the only motive. You could blog as a hobby or even promote your own business or an idea etc. There are various categories to blogging and various types of blog. 

Categories & Types of Blogs

According to Fistsiteguide, 8 types of blogs or bloggers dominate the Internet. Let me list them, Personal Blogs, Business Blogs, Professional Blogs, Niche Blogs, etc. Please check the article and resources of this website. It elaborates more on the topic of types of bloggers and blogs. Click here!

Now let's look at Categories of Blogs, It is important to also understand how your blog is categorized. Here are some categories DIY, Personal Blog, Finance Blog, etc. Check this article by Wpbeginner on this topic. WpBegginer has a lot of resources to start a good blog. it speaks a lot on the same issue of blogging and much more. It has helped me a lot. Click here!

The Price to pay: Is it Expensive or Cheap

Pain areas of Blogging

Starting a blog can be a costly or reasonable affair, it completely depends on your requirements. So here is a format you could consider to start a blog.

Priority List:

  • Web Hosting Cost
  • Related Content ( Images, Video, Explainer video, etc.)
  • Domain Name
  • Marketing Cost
  • Tools for analyzing Web Metrics
  • Work Hours spent on blogging and Researching
  • Total Investment

This is a rough format, but you can also take it as pointers which help you understand the cost involved in blogging. Many on the list above can be free or paid depending on your requirement.

Resources for your blog and related costs

Now budgeting a blog will depend on the kind of blog one runs. Highly specialized and well-designed blogs have a lot of resources that drive the website. These resources build User experience and help deliver quality content.

Here are some of the things to consider while determining the cost of your blog.
  • Graphics
  • Logo Design
  • Blog Hosting
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Training & Blog Audit Cost
  • Marketing & Advertising cost
  • Misc.

There are a lot of online resources to help your budget. But it is important to understand the cost and resources needed. Please do check by Harsh Agrawal, he has a great resource on starting a blog. He shares a lot of ideas and tricks, I have subscribed to his email list. It has helped me learn a lot.

Enhancing your Blog: How to spice it up

It is very important to include a lot of pictures in your content. A lot of beautiful pictures are paid, but there are free resources too. Pixabay, Pexels are great repositories of Free pictures and videos. It can be used for personal and commercial purposes too. For ideas on content to produce, I believe in consuming content, experiencing life and writing from the heart as much as possible. Churning out content every day is not my way and so I don't. May I would change that in the future. But there are a lot of great ways to get ideas for content, Google News or Twitter could be a great way. Google trends will also help you find out what's trending. There are a lot of paid tools available like Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, etc. You could check them out.

For organizing your marketing effort I found Hubspot really nice. For Social Media Management, there are a lot of tools like Hootsuite.

So Just start to blog if that's your interest. and just continuing without thinking about success and failure is the hard part. 

Marketing your Blog: Getting Heard

Another important part of good blogging is getting heard. So Social Media plays a very vital role. Interacting online whether it's on FB groups or Reddit can make a huge difference. Social Media Strategy is important. There are many tools to create content for social media like Canva, Adobe Spark, etc. I use Canva, it's a great tool. Besides, that landing pages are important. Leadpages, Unbounce are some ways to create great Landing pages.

Purposeful Blogging: Intent, Intentions...

I believe in the end it's about enjoying blogging and sharing great content with your target audience. And Greatness is not achieved in a day. But starting out is very important. Learn, implement and relearn should be the key. There a lot of tools available. I hope this article gives you an overview.

( Please note this article does not contain any affiliate links )

Wisdom Quote

January 10, 2019

A Good Start

October 25, 2018
A Good Start
A Good Start*

It is said that every Successful journey starts with a first step. The 'Not so successful' or the 'Unsuccessful' begins with that first step too.  We tend to spend a lot of time on planning, reflecting before actually starting our journeys, projects etc. So this mantra may seem meaningless to some. 'Just start' or 'Just do it'  may seem meaningless. But is it really without any effectiveness?

Let us begin by Listing some of the benefits and perceived difficulties of taking the first step.

Creating Dreams

I think the most obvious benefit in taking that first step is that it helps us actually put our plans or dreams into action. We get to it at last after a lot of delays and waiting by seeing things moving. It would be unreal to think that there would be an instant success, it is said that many of the most successful people have had a good share of failing before actually tasting success. So just a couple of inconveniences should not put one off.

Initial persistence does pay off. Let's say you are going on a diet plan, cheating a couple of times should not discourage you, of course, you have screwed up. But giving up the entire project would not make sense.

Finding Gaps

 Now Let's say we have started our journey, we have taken that first step. After moving for a while one might see difficulties. This could be some unexpected turns and twists, some irritation. The focus I think must be on doing a bit of mental jujitsu. It is important to see that these are not just difficulties, but opportunities. They could be gaps in our planning or maybe we have not factored certain things before starting out

Five years back, I had decided to the gym and get healthy. I was too thin after dieting for about a year. I just could n't exercise. I failed a couple of times and then decided to get a trainer. Though initially, I thought it was unnecessary. A trainer really helped me get healthier and in good shape.  I realized that expertise and good mentorship does matter. Finding this gap helped me greatly.  Let's go to the next insight.

Being Aplomb

Another difficulty while starting out could be being overly positive or extremely negative. I think it is important to be realistic. Sometimes I think it is important to understand that the glass is not just half empty or half full, but also that there is a glass with water in it. Seeing opportunities is good, but not getting a grip on reality won't be helpful, it could even kill the whole project or assignment you are undertaking.

Failing to Plan

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Success or failure is not the only possible outcomes, Learning is one of the outcomes too. But not taking the first step is a sure failure. So i would like to end this post with a quote from Winston Churchill.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”― Winston S. Churchill [*1]

Thank you for reading this post, I tried to share what I think helped me personally. In the next post, I will be exploring Strategies on Failing Effectively.

*Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels
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